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Torre di Montecuccoli di Montecenere

Address Via XXIV Maggio, 4 41023 Lama Mocogno MO
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Via XXIV Maggio 4 - 41023 Lama Mocogno
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Montecuccoli Stronghold In 1997 when the restoration was completed, Montecuccoli stronghold in Montecenere, gave back to Lama Mocogno and to Frignano as a whole a monument of great historical interest. The tower has now become a place for important cultural events, expositions, conventions etc. Every year in July "La torre in Festa" is organized around the tower, it's a very important festival which has already become tradition. For the occasion, the tower halls are made ready with cultural expositions of different types either painting or phographic, plays or the recalling of historical events are also organized. Stands with local gastronomic specialities, so as music and dances, won't be missing! Recently renewed it's in the small hamlet of Montecenere.