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La "Compagnia dla C´┐Żnza"

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The BORLENGO is a typical dish whose origins have been lost in the history and in the traditions of a rather narrow zone of the Apennine Modenese. Simple in the short recipe of few ingredients, but elaborate and spectacular in the preparation. It is defined with the name " BORLENGO " that dish prepared cooking a liquid pasta, called " glue ", in a copper container stagnated, called "sole" or "rola ", seasoned with a compound tanning called (" cùnza ") and Parmesan cheese grated and eaten just ready folded up in four parts. The " DLA CUNZA COMPANY" was born in the exact circle of an global project intended to promote tourism in a determinate zone of the Apennine Modenese and of a part of the Bolognese one. It is composed of groups of "BORLENGAI" teachers belonging to various societies and copartnerships of the municipalities to which traditionally the borlengo is accredited. Its aim is to defend the traditionality and the typicalness of the recipe of this original and unic dish, and to promote its knowledge out of its territory, in the circle, meetings, feasts, fairs [etc]. a DISCIPLINARE of the BORLENGO Has been deposited. It guarantees the production denomination, and a publication is being printed: it specifies its origins and typicalness in a vision more ample than gastronomic, offering to the reader even a tourist reading of the territory in which the Borlengo is to be found. There is an " ITINERANT SCHOOL OF THE BORLENGO " equipped to take part in demonstrations and events where the typical gastronomy may be a motive of deepening the topic for anyone who is interested, besides it organizes borlengo preparation