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Address Via Mauro Tesi 1209 41059 Zocca MO
Telephone 059.985584 - 986524
Fax 059.956510

Accessibility on foot, by car

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Via Mauro Tesi, 1209 - 41059 Zocca (MO)
Telefono: 059/985584 059/986524 Fax: 059/986510 Email:

The castle, that was the seat of an important estense Podesteria, was destroyed in 1242 by bolognesi, then it was rebuilt. The ruins of the external walls and the keep of the fortress are visible. The dedication to S. Geminiano, claimed the modernity of the rite, situated at the boundary with the bolognese territory. The complex has been recently restored by the Commune of Zocca. The church, that was part of a castle, was enlarged in XVII cent., it was seriously damaged by bombings during the Second World War. From the locality people can enjoy a beautiful landscape of the surrounding valleys.