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Castello di Pompeano

Address Pompeano 41028 Serramazzoni MO
Telephone 0536 952797

Last update 16/10/2015 (ref.130006782)
by the local editorial office of SERRAMAZZONI
Piazza T.Tasso n. 7 - 41028 Serramazzoni (MO)
Tel. 0536 952202 oppure 0536 952199 int 230 - Fax 0536/954665

At the end of the twelfth century, Pompeano was included in the territory which is in the employ of the Da Gomola, the feudal lords of Lombard County Gombola. In 1416, the house of  Da Gomola is extincted, the village and the castle were given by Nicholas III d'Este to the family Cesis who held them until 1796. Only for a short time the new feudal lords used the castle as a permanent residence. Following the Cesis stayed in Pompeano occasionally, preferring such as permanent residences before the castle Gombola, collapsed in 1597, and then the building of Talbignano.

The castle can be visited by appointment by calling 0536 952797