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The Fortress - Via Rocca

Contact Bertogli Marisa o Gabrielli Vanna
Address Via Rocca, 1 41045 Montefiorino MO
Telephone 0536/ 965139
Fax 0536/ 965535

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Via Rocca, 1 - 41045 Montefiorino (MO)
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Montefiorino: placename of probable Roman derivation from the divinity name "Flora". Contingent upon the court of Vitriola, it was fortified in about 1170 of a solid tower, probably the first building of the following live nucleus, called still "Torre della Rocca", in defence of the lands of Badia, by Bernardo Montecuccoli and by the abbot of the monastery of Frassinoro, Guglielmo. Among 1235 and 1238 the castle of Montefiorino and in 1239 the tack wall were built. During the wars with the town council of Modena in the XIII cent., Montefiorino was occuped in 1240 by the Modenese troops, but returned in the hands of the abbot of Frassinoro, that brought it further fortifications ( torre del Cassero , torre di S.Michele ). It was reconquered and burned by the town troops in 1247. In 1278 the abbot of Frassinoro, Tommaso de'Tonsi, restored to the cult the ancient chapel of archangel S.Michele and readapted the tower of the fortress as residence of the two monks that officiated there the cult. In 1280 the construction of the suburb in the south of the castle began. In the period that goes from 1313 to 1317 Montefiorino was occuped by Guidinello da Montecuccoli, that, after settling there, built and strengthened the castle and a tower more to south, called Del Poggiolo, now called Del Mercato. The Montecuccoli remained the uncontested gentlemen of Montefiorino until 1426, when by popular acclaim was chased to pass under the dependences of the Este family under which they remained till 1796. The present castle is the product of numerous transformations that during the centuries modified the configuration and the aspect of it. At the base of the tower of the fortress, built in the XII century, is visible the round architraved portal and the contemporary window. Of the XIII century is a round portal with coats of arms in the arc key particularly degraded and then by now no more readable. In the fortress the Museum of the Resistance has been prepared. Opened in 1979, renewed in 1994, and widened in 1996, it offers a rich panorama of the historical track, lived in the first Italian Partigian Republic " the Republic of Montefiorino " that was born on June 18 , and died on August 2, 1944.