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Accessibility by car, by bus (ATC Bologna line), on foot through paths

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The first mention of the castle of Monteombraro dates back to 1110; it was destroyed by the Bolognesi's expedition in 1271, its area of political belonging shifted alternatively from Commune of Modena to Bologna's one, because of its boundary position. In 1409 Niccol� III gave it with other castles to Uguccione dei Contrari, who united it to the Podesteria di Savignano and it followed its political events till 1797. On the ancient castle area there is the old parish church, dated around the end of the XIV cent., and annex of it a little churchyard and the bell tower; the S. S. Salvatore church, built as a parish church in 1619, dominates with a very delicate architecture proportion, an historical center, that preserves its originary settlement, that is characterized by the prized elements of typical building of these zones. The church has valuable stucco decorations, bolognese school paitings and a very valuable Traeri organ (XVII cent.), that has been recently restored. The college of San Can, that is an important complex, is a XVIII cent. building with beautiful proportions, that is situted in the center of the country; the settlement of Fontanine is interesting from the landscape point of view, it is composed of a XV cent. tower, surrounded by country houses with valuable architectonical elements. In the territory there are several oratories and a secular chestnut tree, that a no-documented, but kind history, tells to be the tree under which Matilde di Canossa loved to rest.