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Piandelagotti - Prati di San Geminiano

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Standing on the site which was occupied in ancient times by the �Selva Romanesca� - a dense forest inhabited by wolves and bears - the village of Piandelagotti developed during the second half of the sixteenth century, just a short distance from the place renowned since the year 781 as the source of the natural spring �fonte del Silvano�. This spot, on the ancient Via Bibulca, is where the hospice of San Geminiano stood and where an oratory was built in honour of the saint. The fields nearby were also known by the same name - Prati di San Geminiano. The development of tourism in Piandelagotti was facilitated by good road links and it was to become a renowned summer resort especially during the interwar years. The tradition of skiing in this area goes back to the years preceding the first world war, when, for the first time, the first pair of skis was brought to Piandelagotti. At the beginning of the 1980s the road to Prati di San Geminiano was opened, where there is now the tourist centre �Boscoreale�.