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Montalto, which owes its name to the height of the mountain on which it developed, is mentioned for the first time in testamentary legacies of 1163, and again in the swearing of the oath by its people in commitment to the municipality of Modena in 1179 and 1197. During the XIV century, the village was involved in the conflicts between the lords of Modena and Bologna, alternately coming under the power of one and then the other. Only at the end of the fourteenth century did the Este dynasty take control of the territory more stably, exempting residents from the payment of taxes. Nothing remains of the twelfth century fortress which had survived these events, whereas the seventeenth century single-nave Church of St George was saved. Also of note is the seventeenth century residential building next to the Church which belonged to the well-known Tanari family, featuring a round-arched brick portal. In nearby Casazza there is also a construction composed of various structures built around an internal courtyard dominated by a dovecote.