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Piane di Mocogno

Contact U.T.C. Lama Mocogno
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Via XXIV Maggio 4 - 41023 Lama Mocogno
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Piane di Mocogno is 13 kilometres away from the town of Lama Mocogno and stands at 1303 metres above sea level. Le Piane di Mocogno or “Mocogno Plains” offer a wonderful panorama to the visitor, from the north side of Mount Cimone to the north-eastern side of Mount Cantiere, which is set amongst the splendid scenery of the plateau of the “Plains” and, at a height of 1617 metres, is the highest point in the area of Lama Mocogno. Le Piane di Mocogno are certainly among the most beautiful, typical and popular spots of our area. The altitude, along with the uncontaminated landscape, offer many possibilities for walking and mountain biking along the many trails; in the winter months it is a popular location for skiing, with gentle slopes for beginners and pistes of medium difficulty for the more advanced skier. For cross-country skiing, there are many beautiful pistes of varying lengths which are also home to important competitions; there is an Italian Federation Ski School for both slalom and cross-country skiing. In 2002, two orienteering courses were created at Le Piane di Mocogno, between Mount Cantiere and Barigazzo, with the approval of the Italian Federation of Orienteering; in 2001 and 2002 national competitions were held here. The fixed itinerary which is near completion can be used by school groups, for training and also for those who wish to try this sport for the first time. The educational map which is used for the fixed course is available free of charge from the tourist office. The Via Vandelli also runs through Le Piane, leaving from Borra and crossing La Santona and Barigazzo; most of it can still be travelled by foot, on horseback or by mountain bike.