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The first written records date back to its allegiance to Modena in 1197. In 1398 it was ceded from Gombola to the hands of the Montecuccolis. Between 1534 and 1797 it became part of the fiefdom of Rancidoro. In 1370 there stood at least four towers. The centre was mostly destroyed during the massacre of 18th March 1944 and nowadays nothing of particular historical architectural interest has remained. In 1615 there were three churches: S. Giulia, S. Vitale and S. Maria. The present church of S. Maria Assunta was completely rebuilt in 1909. In the area of S. Giulia a sword dating back to the Bronze Age (1300-1500 BC) has been found and the area is showing itself to be an interesting archaeological site. The Casa Gigli, a house-tower dating to the 16th century, is of interest and is among the most important and artistic of the area. The small Romanesque church of S. Vitale (XIII century), recently restored, stands on a small rocky outcrop.