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In the delightful village of Sassatella, which conserves several buildings with doorways dating to the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, it is possible to visit the Church of Saint Michael Archangel, built towards the end of the sixteenth century and rebuilt in 1920. The building is characterised by decorative elements dating back to ancient times - in particular, two architraves with carvings of the symbol of the Este family, with the shape of a diamond and outline of a castle in bas-relief. Other archeological finds are testimony to the passage of time in this village, home to ancient peoples already in the second half of the first century AD: two Roman oil lamps made of clay that were donated to the Civic Archeological Museum of Modena during the second half of the last century, and two bronze coins from the time of the Roman Empire. The name Sassatella was evident in the Medieval period amongst the “villas”, the small clusters of houses that belonged to the territories of the abbey. Documents dating back to the seventeenth century refer to the curious phenomenon of eternal fires in Sassatella, which, in the past, fed the imagination of the inhabitants of these lands and of passing visitors. These spectacular flames which licked the earth were in fact emanations of methane gas released through the rocks. Today, this emission of methane gas, together with that from Boccassuolo, is fed through the pipe which leads to the gasometer of Barigazzo, where analogous phenomena occur.