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Last update 20/09/2014 (ref.40739)
by the local editorial office of Unione di Comuni Valli Dolo Dragone e Secchia
Via Rocca, 1 - 41045 Montefiorino (MO)
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The town, situated in the splendid valley of Dragone, is a popular destination for sporting activities, linked mainly to international events for off-road vehicles, which take place on the permanent track of Dragone and at the sports centre “Casa Papa Giovanni XXIII”. Symbols of historical and artistic note in Palagano include the seventeenth-century oratory of the Madonna del Carmine, the majestic parish church of St John the Evangelist, crowned by its imposing dome, and the eighteenth-century palace built for the Sabbatini Counts of Fanano in 1741, noticeable for the complete lack of corners in its stonework, substituted by curvilinear walls. Palagano has a swimming pool, several tennis courts, trekking and mountain bike trails. The local cuisine, as well as typical dishes from the region of Emilia, offers two specialities of protected origin (DOP): the “ciaccio palaganese” and the “fritellozzo di castagne”, which feature every year in the Festival of the Ciaccio Palaganese. The “Festa dei Matti” (Festival of the Mad) takes place every August, in homage to the poet Tanino, with reference to the lyrics in his Canto della Palaganeide, in which he describes the people of Palagano as “jokers” yet hospitable to all.