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Address Via Giardini, 3 41026 Pavullo nel Frignano MO
Telephone 0536/20358-324290
Fax 0536/308070-20358

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by the local editorial office of PAVULLO nel FRIGNANO
presso Ufficio Informazione Turistica del Comune di Pavullo nel Frignano
Via Giardini, 3 - 41026 - Pavullo nel Frignano (MO)
Telefono: 053629964 - Fax: 053629025

Located at 750 mt. above sea-level, in a favourable geographical and strategical position, between Lerna and Panaro valleys, it faces the towers of Gaiato, Montorso, Montecuccolo, Lavacchio and Semese. The old church of Sassoguidano, that is S. Paolo church, is the only existing evidence of the most ancient local history. These places are full of charm and mystery, for their natural inheritance completely intact. Here, you can find, in fact, the Nature Reserve of Sassoguidano.In addition to the church, particularly interesting is the village of La Torre.