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Address Via Mauro Tesi 1209 41059 Zocca MO
Telephone 059.985584 - 986524
Fax 059.986510

Accessibility by car, by bus, on foot

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Via Mauro Tesi, 1209 - 41059 Zocca (MO)
Telefono: 059/985584 059/986524 Fax: 059/986510 Email:

This castle, in anciently known as "della Rosa", after having been conteded for a long time by the Communes of Modena and Bologna, submitted in the second half of XIV cent. to Estensi and in 1398 it was one of the castles, that Lancillotto and Ettore Montecuccoli possessed. The very beautiful village preserves its original and undamaged architectonical characteristics. In the center of it, there is the XIII cent. keep of the castle, that has been recently restored, and represents one of the oldest and most valuable examples of defensive buildings. Also the next castle settlement of Montequestiolo is very interesting. The castle was one of those, that were destroyed by Bolognesi's expedition in 1271; in 1450 was one of the Commune, that in Montetortore sweared allegiance to Borso d'Este; in XVII cent. it was a Rangoni brothers' property. Thanks to a recent restoration, at the moment people can appreciate the tower, the ruins of the castle walls and a part of the old village, all this is included in a wide area, that is used for public park. Still in the Rosola territory there is the Verrucchia sanctuary, it is a XVII cent. building of very graceful proportions and rare charm; in that place the faithful still remember Our Lady's apparition, that happened in XVII cent., to whom the Marian devotion awards numerous Graces, that are evidenced by lots of ex voto, also of remarkable artistic values.