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Accessibility by car, on foot through paths

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It is named in a document of 1214, as seat of Pieve, Missano is one of the oldest settlements of the zone, maybe ascribed to the Byzantine age. During the XIV cent. there already was a defensive nucleus subject to Montecuccoli: in 1405 Marquis Niccol� separated Missano from the Podesteria of Montetortote and united it to that one of Giuglia, Pio da Carpi's feud. The built-up area has interesting characteristics; a building with a little dovecote tower, lintels with towers and sandstone decorations; also the C� Martinelli settlement is valuable, a XVII cent. closed court, the S. Agostino and Annunciazione oratories, and that one of Montevecchio, known as "della Riva".