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Accessibility by car, by bus (ATCM line), on foot through paths

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Via Mauro Tesi, 1209 - 41059 Zocca (MO)
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The toponym could be derived both from the personal latin Coronius, both with reference to its position, that is ringed by mountains. In 1279 it is cerifited the existence of a castle, that was surrounded by a defensive wall; in 1408 it was one of the castles that marquis Niccol� III gave to Uguccione dei Contrari, that united it to the Podesteria of Savignano of the marquisate of Vignola, with whom it shared political events. The Santa Giustina church, named for the first time in 1277, dominates a medioeval installation village of rare beauty, that is marked by stone buildings, that are decorated by sandstone portals and by ogive windows, and by the XVII cent. San Rocco oratory. The XVI cent. old Zocchetta settlement is interesting from a historical and landscape point of view, already documented in 1271, it is composed of several buildings, with sandstone decorations and of a XVII cent. characteristic votive niche: also the XVII C� Barattini nucleus has artistic qualities, a closed court, that is composed of a country house with an oratory and a rural house and the oratory of Nativit� of Vergine in Zocchetta.