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Accessibility by car, on foot through paths

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Via Mauro Tesi, 1209 - 41059 Zocca (MO)
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It was named for the first time in the devotion of 1197 of Commune of Modena; in 1306 the Captains of Montalbano are accounted for in the Book of noble and powerful families of Modena. It later was under the direct Estensi's dominion, it was part of the Podesteria of Montetortore, but it was seperated from it in 1629, because it was enfeoffed first by Marquis Giovanni Maria Barbieri Fontana, then by Marquis Bellincini; in 1637 it became a Montecuccoli's feud, under whom descendants it remained until the end of the XVIII century. The ancient village is very evocative: the inside of the church of Santa Maria Assunta is a delicate example of XVIII cent. architecture. The next parsonage dates back to XVI cent., while the newer parsonage, at the top of the village was realized in XVII cent., on the ruins of the ancient castle. The settlement of San Michele is very interesting, it includes a country house and a delicately made oratory, the San Filippo Neri oratory and Casa Giacomozzi, in locality "Il Cantone", and the Beata Vergine of Rosario of via Piana oratory. The settlement of Cavola is very beautiful, it is composed of a country house villa of elegant Tuscan inspiration architecture and next rural buildings dated around XVI cent.