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Last update 20/09/2014 (ref.15003)
by the local editorial office of FIUMALBO
Piazza C. Coppi, 2 41022 Fiumalbo (MO)
Telefono: 0536/73922 Fax: 0536/73074 Email:

This hamlet, called also "S. Michele Villa", is placed on the west slope of the mountain which overhangs eastwards the hollow of Pievepelago. Its territory is divided between the municipalities of Fiumalbo , Riolunato and, to a smaller extent, Pievepelago. It is connected by a modern asphalted street, which joins also Via Giardini, to Pievepelago. Equally easy are the connections with Riolunato reachable by the N.324 provincial road, while it is more difficult to get to Fiumalbo, with which the village is connected (if you want to avoid passing through Pievepelago) by an old medieval street, along which yu can find the picturesque Ponte del Diavolo. The first mention of S. Michele Pelago, which constituted in the Middle Ages an autonomous municipality with its own parish church, goes back to 1100, in a document which considered it a part of the Motecuccoli's property. Later records show its subjection to the municipality of Modena. Towards the end of 1300 San Michele was ransacked and set on fire; the only thing that was left standing, even if deeply damaged, was the church. The division of the territoty between the two municipalities of Fiumalbo and Riolunato dates back to that period. In XVI century, a part of the territory belonging to Fiumalbo was detached. Now it is under Pievepelago.