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Last update 14/10/2014 (ref.15002)
by the local editorial office of FIUMALBO
Piazza C. Coppi, 2 41022 Fiumalbo (MO)
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It consists of a group of houses and is characterized by a wonderful atmosphere, typical of many far and inacessible places. Someone suggested that its name would derive from Rotari, king of the Longobards, but it is more likely that it comes from "ruota". In fact the craftsmen of this hamlet should be very good at building wheels. It rises opposite Rondinaio and Giovo, in the untouched basin of Tagliole river, on the right side of the valley. It is composed by four villages: Rotari, Ronchi, Piana and C� di Gallo. We have no historical data concerning this village, except a document kept in the parish archives of Fiumalbo, speaking of a fight between the Lucchesi and the Estensi families, dating back to 1613, during which Ronchi's houses were burnt. At the moment the village is scantily populated, but at the beginning of the century was the seat of a post-office and of a primary School.