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Monfestino is reached along a panoramic road, four kilometres from Serramazzoni. The village and its castle played an important role in the history of the territory of Serramazzoni. We are not sure of the exact period of construction of the castle. Undoubtedly the oldest part of the fortress, which, in past times consisted of a square-shaped tower surrounded by thick walls, was part of the defensive barricade of the Castro Feroniano which, for about two hundred years, prevented the Longobards from penetrating the mountain territory belonging to the Church and the Exarch of Ravenna.
At the beginning of the last century the castle was in a terrible state of disrepair: the towers were roofless, the portals and the old Podesteria were in danger of collapse. The castle was then bought by Fermo Corni, and, in just a few years, following major restoration works, it was brought back to its former splendour, which can today be admired.
Nowadays, although you can no longer go inside the fortress so well restored by the Corni heirs, you can admire the round towers and the mighty walls as you walk along a pathway immersed in greenery. Continuing along the path, you can admire a sweeping view from the highest points of the Apennines to the white glaciers of the Alps. During the darkness of the night, you can enjoy the marvellous view of the plain below, illuminated by a thousand lights shining.
There are several ancient houses in Monfestino; within one of these there is a precious portal, created by Mastro Antonio d’Ambrosino, a famous artist of the sixteenth century. Inside the church, which dates back to 1304, there is a painting from the seventeenth century picturing Saint Giovita and, in the background, the village and castle of Monfestino.