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Pievepelago Main Town of the Area

Telephone 0536.71322
Fax 0536.72025

Accessibility SS 12 E SP 324

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Piazza V. Veneto, 20 41027 PIEVEPELAGO (MO)
Telefono: 0536/71322 Fax: 0536/72025 Email:

USEFUL ADDRESSES AND TELEPHONE NUMBERS Pievepelago Town Hall Tel: 0536 71 322 Municipal Police Tel: 0536 71 322 Carabinieri Tel: 0536 71 321 State Foresters: Tel 0536 71 310 Mountain Rescue Tel: 800 48 048 Medical Assistance Tel: 0536 309801 Pharmacy Tel: 0536 71 332 Emergency Services Tel: 118 Ambulance Tel: 0536 72 288 Tourist Information Office Tel: 0536 71 304 Taxi Tel: 0536 72 084 – 0536 71 600 Weekly market Monday

Pievepelago, on the banks of the river Scoltenna, in the Pelago valley, the green heart of the corner of the Apennines of Modena on the boundary with Tuscany, is surrounded by untouched nature and, for this reason, is proud to offer a holiday in mountains which are gentle rather than striking, but which offer a host of delights waiting to be discovered. The surrounding mountains, home to many of the characteristic lakes of the Apennines, offer a picturesque natural landscape. The "Lago Santo" (Holy Lake), at an altitude of 1501 metres and of glacial origin, is splendid in all seasons. From here, there are many scenic itineraries along numbered paths which lead to the summit of Mount Giovo (1991 metres) and Mount Rondinaio (1964 metres), or the other charming lakes of the area: Baccio, Turchino, Piatto and Nero. Walking through chestnut, beech and evergreen woods, you come into harmony with the rhythms and paces of the mountains, in sharp contrast with the frenetic rhythm of everyday life; lovers of hiking and trekking, making their way along trails and mule tracks, can discover first-hand the marvels of a forest which is of great environmental interest. Other itineraries include ancient churches, farmhouses and pieces of history, with a stop at a mountain refuge or trattoria to taste local products (wild mushrooms, trout etc.). Pievepelago is an important centre for summer sports, with a wide range of facilities for football, tennis and various other sports, a very nice swimming pool and indoor sports facilities. It is home to one of the main children's federal tennis centres belonging to the Italian National Tennis Federation and offers various children's summer camps for football and other sports. In times-gone-by, the snow which fell on these mountains in the winter meant isolation, as life came to a standstill, waiting to be born again with the arrival of spring. Nowadays, these mountains come to life in the winter as a holiday destination for lovers of downhill and cross-country skiing, and for ever-more popular off-piste skiing, away from the beaten tracks.